The One Minute Revolution

Just a minute.  Give me just one minute.  "One Minute" has become a revolutionary term.  Evidently, someone somewhere decided that most of us are suckers for phrases like: "It will only take a minute" or "If I could have just one minute of your time."  Maybe as human beings we feel like real jerks for cutting off the salesman that after all only wants only "one minute" of our time.  While I have been upfront that the first part of this blog, The One Minute Workweek, came from the One Minute Manager book,  I did a quick Google search and found that the "one minute" idea literally inundates the web.  After exhausting nearly a whole minute I came up with a short list of sites that I may want to visit again, if for no other reason to try to get a feel for what others think you or they can accomplish in a minute and of course to carry on the noble theme of The One Minute Workweek.

Here is the list of links with a brief, one or two word, description if necessary:
One Minute Book Reviews
One Minute How-To  (podcast)
One Minute Astronomer
One Minute Tip (podcast technology tips)
The One Minute Millionaire (sales site)
One Minute Vacation (from Quiet American) I think this one is on hold.
One Minute Reader (Motivates kids to become readers - sales site)
One Minute Bread (from LifeHack)
Roger Ebert's One Minute Movie Reviews
The One Minute Meditator
Book-A-Minute Classics (Ultra-Condensed Classic Books)

I would have put these in some sort of meaningful organization but my minute is almost up.  Please feel free to send me any of your favorite "One Minute" sites that I may have left off of this exhaustive list in my hast. ;)


  1. What about the One Minute Manager?!

  2. To GregB - part of this "One Minute" things is that I try not to repeat myself. I have already talked about the One Minute Manager.

  3. There are somethings that we want to take more than a minute ;)

  4. Wish they had had those Book-A-Minute Classics when I was in Latin school.