The One Minute Workweek's Guide to Weight Loss

Eat less, exercise more.  Don't overdo either one.

Your time is valuable - if you are ever going to reach your goal of a one minute workweek, you can't waste your time reading lengthy diet books.  But surely reading this has not taken you very long to read, so I will give you the One Minute Workweek's extended guide to weight loss at no additional charge. That may very well be what the advice is worth.

Apparently, a great many of us get fat eating  carbohydrates.  So about 80% of you would do well to try and eat less breads, cakes, and other baked goods.  Where do I get this "80%" figure ?  I just made it up. I bet I'm close. You might also want to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink also.  93% of you really put on the weight if you have more than one or two drinks a week. Oh, and if you eat when you get bored like 345% (clearly fabricating the statistics here) of us do, try filling your free time with something that requires you use some energy.  Don't over do this exercise thing. Working out too much will make you hungry and any injury that may result could cause you to not only be able to exercise less in the future but, to overeat because of the depression that you may suffer from realizing that you are really out of shape.

If you know me or have seen me lately, you will realize that I am no expert on this matter of weight loss.  If I were a betting man, I would bet that at the heart of just about any serious weight loss program you will find the message "Eat less, workout more. And cut down on carbs and alcohol."  I just add the "don't overdo either one" advice because that seemed like the right thing to advise.

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